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Turkey has until next month to cancel a messy multibillion-dollar Russian arms deal or face harsh US penalties

Trump Administration Could Blacklist Chinese Surveillance Technology Firm

Michael Every: China's Economic "Super-Weapon" Would Devastate Its Rare-Earth Exporters

Trade War With China Is Not About Trade But About Geopolitics

Why An Economic War With The US Blows China up

Steve Bannon: There is ‘no chance’ Trump is going to back down in the China trade war

Kyle Bass Closes Yuan Short After Nearly 4 Years

A Short Seller Bets It All on a Spectacular Market Crash

Trump’s Vanity Will Destroy The Global Economy

Brussels updates the list of non-cooperative tax jurisdictions &
The selling prices of Properties in France are now freely accessible

Luongo: 'Economic-Warfare-Man' Strikes Again

Raytheon Shoots Down Multiple Drones With Laser Weapon (Video)

How a Lone Norwegian Trader Shook the World’s Financial System

The U.S. Stock Market Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Its Endless Rally

Dalio: "Like It Or Not" Central Banking Is On Its Way Out

If The Agenda To Oust Maduro Was Honest Instead Of Dishonest

EU court advisor sides with Airbnb against French restrictions

Google drops after reporting a slowdown in ad revenue

The Future of Shopping Is Already Happening in China

Billions In African Gold Being Smuggled Through UAE By Crime Syndicates

Boeing 737 is a 737 is a 737

Shutting down the Strait of Hormuz would cut off 25% of the oil supply

Dominance or development? What’s at the end of China’s New Silk Road?

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